It’s Foxtail season!Your neighborhood Veterinarian has a seasonal reminder-
It’s Foxtail season!

My dog’s once fluffy coat has become a Where’s Waldo treasure trove over the past week for just about every loose pine needle, stick, and weed. The biggest nuisance is definitely the foxtail. These barbed little weeds easily attach themselves to your pet’s fur and can find their way into skin, ears, eyes, and even your pet’s gums.

Keep your eyes out for these hazardous weeds, and check pets often from the top of their furry heads to the tip of their happy tails and down to their paws, pads, and toes. A few symptoms to watch out for:
•Excessive licking
•Excessive grooming/chewing
•Shaking and tilting head

Once a foxtail penetrates the skin it must be removed surgically. The tuff little barbed ends travel one way and pulling them out against the direction of entry causes further damage.

If you notice any of the above symptoms please contact our hospital and schedule an appointment to have your pet examined.

*Remember, regular brushing, grooming, and daily inspections will help loosen these little weeds from your pet’s fur.

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