Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Dogs

Oxygen hyperbaric treatment has been commonly used to treat humans. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat diseases such as decompression sicknesses or any illness which requires high levels of oxygen, such as diving disorders. Patients are placed in an airtight chamber. This helps dissolve the oxygen in the blood. This helps high levels of oxygen in reaching the tissues. The principle and idea behind this treatment are that high oxygen levels can help the tissues cure the body’s ability to heal. Recently this treatment has been introduced to veterinary practices.

Using Hyperbaric Treatment For Pets

The pressure in an air chamber is raised and high oxygen levels are delivered. The high pressure raises the levels of plasma oxygen which allows the oxygen to be scattered evenly in the tissues in a faster pace. Before the hyperbaric treatment is proceeded with, your pet’s health is evaluated. His/her body temperature is checked to ensure that it is normal. Otherwise, it may cause an increased intake of oxygen which may result in toxicity. When pure oxygen is used, a spark may be created which may ignite. It is absolutely crucial to wet your pet so that there is decreased static electricity.

How It Works

The pet is then placed in a pet chamber. They come supplied with liquid oxygen tanks and pressure tubes. That way you can monitor the pressure and oxygen being given. The pressure in the air chamber is generally more than normal. The pressure keeps on increasing and the treatment lasts for about 1 or 2 hours. After that decompression is also carried out. Your pet does not face any kind of pain. The treatment is carried out twice in a day for 5 to 10 days. If your pet shows signs of recovery earlier, the treatment may be discontinued.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Treatment For Pets

Results have shown that this treatment is effective in curing inflammation, poisonous bites from snakes, arthritis and infected wounds. The increased oxygen helps the tissues in the body aid the healing process.

Side Effects And Precautions of Hyperbaric Treatment

Hyperbaric treatment has little to no side effects most of the times. Some side effects can be ear problems, blurry vision or barotrauma. It is always recommended to have a follow-up procedure to make sure your pet is completely okay. Moreover, because pure oxygen is used, there is a risk of fire. Always make sure when using hyperbaric treatment to wet your pet and cover all forms of metals. This risk of fire may then be reduced as there will be less static electricity.

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