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  • Well my poor dogs were attacked by a neighbor dog. Realized he had puncture wounds so OMG here we go to the Vet. The ladies there are the BEST. Crystal our vet tech was so nice and friendly, very compassionate. Dr Sosa is an animal lover. My daughter and myself were very happy with their level of care. Top Notch. Thank you!! 

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  • Very professional and caring staff! Also very honest! I had to leave my dog because they were going to put him to sleep due to old age and a stroke however after I left he passed away so they called me to let me know that they were going to refund my money since he had already passed before the procedure. 

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  • im hearing alot of negative comments about my vet... ive been taking my parents dog and my own and was always treated with compassion... leslie was my tech and walked me through all my questions that i had..helped my father by speaking spanish and explaining every detail of the treatment plan.

    doctor sandhu and his staff where attentive to all our needs and took care of our pets..i will keep taking my pets to dr sandhu and his staff who are professionals in what they do..
    thank you for all your help..
    p.s. for all you other ignorant people, go take a flying leap!!!
    we need dr sandhu and his staff, because their services are an asset to our community, which is extremely limited to animal e.r. services..
    keep up the great work, give the staff a raise.!! 

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  • There are wildly different opinions on this vet. All I know is that 2 days after the wrong surgery at Mission Animal Hospital, Dr. Sandu saved my cats life. I brought him in already dying. He was completely blocked in his urinary tract, now had pnuemonia and had less than 50/50 chance of living. It cost a LOT to save him, but they took him into surgery after seizing and had a very low body temp. He was dying. They even lost him on the table, but were able to bring him back.He was in a cone of shame for almost 4 weeks, poor baby, but he is now happy, healthy, and playing again. He was only 7 yrs old. It cost me so much, Im refinancing my house. I might not ever go that far again, but everyday that I wake up with him and the other cats curled around me, I don't regret my decision. Thank you, Dr. Sandu and all.the caring staff

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  • AV Veterinary Center saved my dogs life after another vet couldn’t stop my dog from bleeding! Lancaster pet clinic spayed my dog but couldn’t stop the bleeding and sent out dog home with us because they’re not an over night clinic.

    AV Veterinary Center took our dog and we came back the next day and our dog was looking so much better. The price was very high, but completely worth it.
    While we were visiting our dog on the next day we noticed they treated everyone’s pets with the love you’d want your pet to be treated with. I highly recommend this place read less

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  • I can honestly say in all the years we have been using them. We have never had an issue. The vets they have on staff and the techs are amazing at AV ER, the surgeries we have done, never had an issue with. They are the go to for us and my personal dog .

    - POE G.
  • I just wanted to take the time to say how awesome Av Veterinary center is.I have been coming to Av Vet Center for over 7 yrs. Yes they can be expensive at times and the wait times are long, What you do expect at the only emergency animal Hospital in the Av. I don't understand why people get so up set. The same thing happen in a human setting as well.I was just recently in with my dog.my husband and I came from home from lunch and found a large laceration on her side. We have no clue on how she got the laceration.I called Av to let them that we were on our way. It took us about30 mins to get there, once arrived I noticed Lyndsi and Arianna two friendly faces from working with them over the years.I think the girls were about to leave for the day when I arrived,I told the girls what had happen. They didn't even think twice.They took my dog to the back without hesitation . A few minutes later Lyndsi came out and talked to me, Told me we were lucky, Whatever caused the laceration made a clean cut.The Doctor wanted to sedate our pet and flush the laceration and close it with staples.I appreciate that Arianna n Lyndsi took the time to help me when they didn't have too.

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  • I want to thank Lyndsi the tech and Dr.Sosa for the care you gave my dog she is a happy camper now thank you so much. She loves you 2 because of your loving attention you give her . 

    - MICHELE R.
  • Where do you begin to thank such an amazing doctor and staff? Well, first you start by putting it into words, or trying to at least.

    Dr. Sandhu is, by far the most caring, compassionate vet I have come across in my life. His office has become my home away from home and he and his staff have literally treated me like family, and I could not be more grateful. Dr. Sandhu has cared for a few of my dogs, one in particular who has been very critical, and taken nothing but the best care of her in very trying times. Both he and Dr. Sosa, who is also top notch, have come in on their days off to perform surgery, sit in on surgery, check up on her well being, ensure she is getting the best care, the list goes on and on. Just to note I come here for my pets well care as well as any emergencies. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
    Their staff. Oh my their staff. From the front office girls, and gentleman, to all of the amazing vet techs, to the superb surgical techs. These girls remember EVERY pet. They know my name.They remember my dogs, they remember their issues, and likes & dislikes. They remember silly things that make me laugh when I'm sad, and they will sit with you if you are alone in a room waiting in a room waiting on potentially sad news. This staff genuinely cares. I have been to SEVERAL vet offices in the area over the years. I have lost dogs to their negligence. Not here.
    Everyone sees the ER and thinks "high prices" and long wait times. I will tell you this. The prices are absolutely comparable to all the other vet offices in the area. $11 vaccines. $25 exam. No extra charge if it is after 11 pm on a weekend either for an "emergency", that's just a rip off, and they truly are an EMERGENCY hospital.
    Don't let those offices fool you, because if your animal was truly having an emergency they would tell you their office isn't equipped for that type of "emergency" and refer you to this hospital anyway after charging you more. I've been there.
    Will you have to wait? Probably. Especially if a critical care patient comes in, but guess what? If my dog came suffering a stoke, or couldn't breathe, I'd hope they made him a priority over a shot visit. That's how an ER works. Just like when you go to the ER. Your stuffy nose waits while the guy hit by the car is seen first. And I will wait...every single time, even if it is just for shots for my babies, because I know they are getting the best care for every single person here.
    You know you have a good vet office when you can text staff members as well as the doctor, just saying. I love all of you. Thank you for all that you do, every day. No one says it enough, but I will, every time I am in there, or someone asks for a recommendation for a vet! Highly recommend! I do not work here, nor am I associated with anyone that does. 

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  • Staff here are very friendly... it was our first time there since we recently moved to Palmdale.... Lexiee was very helpful and explained everything....

    - CARLENE P.
  • Every time I take my babies in, we are treated as part of the vet family. The doctors and staff take excellent care of my babies and are always very personable and understanding. I've been taking my babies here for years and I have never had a poor experience. I highly recommend taking your pets here for anything from emergencies to routine vaccinations. We love you guys! 

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  • I would dread going to the veterinary but now that I found this place I don't feel like that at all. Everyone is so warm and welcoming especially one person in particular and that's Arianna! She is very helpful and informative when it comes to the questions I have for her and she is so patient because I know I have soooo many questions lol and she answers them to the best of her knowledge. She is also loving towards my pit Ivy treats her as if she is her own. For me that is very important because it just shows how much she truly cares, I'm honestly so happy going there all the time and so is Ivy, we wouldn't go anywhere else

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  • We've been going to AV Veterinary Center for years, Dr Sandhu is amazing and the staff are so patient, caring and compassionate with our dogs.

    - DEBORAH B.
  • Took my appointment immediately and probably the most friendly staff I've had at a vet in a long time. Dr Sosa (?) and the techs were great with my pup. Prices are reasonable. Between that and their availability and emergency services I'm switching to here as my full time vet.

    - DANIEL G
  • I have been bringing my pit bulls here for years and always request Ariana seviano she's very patient with my dogs and knows exactly what to do she's hands down the best vet tech at AV! 

    - ABDUL N.
  • I have been bringing my dogs here for years and my go to tech is Ariana Sevillano I will not let anyone els check my dogs she is the best!!!!!! and very knowledgeable she's very honest and recommends what is best for your animal

    - RUBI G.
  • If you want the BEST for your fur baby, this is the place to go!! Charlie would not be with me now if it wasn't for the EXCELLENT job that DVM Sandhu, and his staff provided. They are all very good here but I have to give extra praise to Arianna, the room nurse/vet. assistant that provided superior care for Charlie. She has a true love and compassion to help save our fur babies and has a very caring and pleasant personality. Arianna, takes the time to explain what and why things are being done and what to expect.

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  • I brought my dog (Luna) in because she had a small wound on her paw and I wanted to make sure the wound wasn't deep or would get infected. And the vet tech, Arriana Sevillano, helped me a lot over the phone by asking me questions about Luna and when I came in I asked for her at the front and she was very helpful and nice. She was very gentle with Luna and carefully shaved her paw to inspect the wound. I will be returning to get Lunas shots here and for other checkups.

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  • Everything was great the night we dropped sunnie off. There was a bit of a wait but i expected that because it was a Sunday night. The only thing i would’ve liked was more contact the following day. I had to call 3 times to get someone to give me information about her. Other than that the staff was friendly and very helpful.

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  • This is the second time I have had to take my dog to AV Vet. Both times she has been sick and I have been a panicked mama. The employees are fantastic and make me and my dog feel important.They give updates when they say they will. The last time my dog wouldn't eat so they called to bring food and slowed me time to feed her.Thank you for taking care of my dog.

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  • My dog had to go into Dental surgery, nurse Reyna was very nice and helpful explaining to me step by step everything that was going to be done to my dog. She called me once he went in to surgery and once he was out, she kept me updated which helped me calm my nerves. I was nerves because my dog was going under anesthesia, I left my dog over night and picked him up the next day. The new staff that had started their shift (a.m) was nice, and answered all my questions. I will definitely be recommending AV Veterinarian Center to friends and family and I’ll definitely keep bringing my dog and future dogs to this clinic. They are awesome, keep up the good work AV Veterinarian Center!! 

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  • My dog had to go into Dental surgery, nurse Reyna was very nice and helpful explaining to me step by step everything that was going to be done to my dog. She called me once he went in to surgery and once he was out, she kept me updated which helped me calm my nerves. I was nerves because my dog was going under anesthesia, I left my dog over night and picked him up the next day. The new staff that had started their shift (a.m) was nice, and answered all my questions. I will definitely be recommending AV Veterinarian Center to friends and family and I’ll definitely keep bringing my dog and future dogs to this clinic. They are awesome, keep up the good work AV Veterinarian Center!!

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  • 5 star rating This is heartbreaking for me to write, but I came here on Sunday with my dog in my arms. She was old, diabetic, blind, and an infection left her unable to walk to hold her head straight or eat. They helped my dog pass to the other side with love and dignity. The staff were incredibly compassionate and patient helping me through the process. They were respectful and gave me as much time as I needed to process my grief there with my dog and never once rushed the process. I felt like they understood my pain. They treated both my dog and I as best as they could. I couldn't be more thankful for them helping my best friend be at peace. A follow up condolence card in the mail reminded me of how personal they made my visit feel. Thank you for treating my Shelby as if she was your own. It left a hole in my life, but your compassion helped the grieving process more than I could express. read less

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  •  The doctors and staff are kind and caring. They recently went to great lengths to save my cat's life. He is with us today because of the top rate medical care he received at this clinic. AV Veterinary Center is the best. 

    - ABBIE E.

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