Pet Cremation

Losing a cherished pet can be devastating. And just like when any loved one passes away, decisions need to be made regarding what to do with your pet’s remains. All Creatures Veterinary Center offers a respectful and dignified cremation option for pet parents who want to provide loving after care for their pet companions.

Your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect that all family members deserve during this process. Whatever your needs may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.

At the time of your pets passing you will need to choose a cremation option for your pets remains.

Individual Cremation

This is a cremation procedure during which only one pet is present during the cremation process. The cremated remains of your pet are returned to you in a wooden keepsake box and ready to be picked up at All Creatures Veterinary Center in 7 to 10 days.

Communal Cremation

A cremation procedure in which multiple pets are cremated together. Cremated remains are not returned to the pet parent but scattered in our private location amongst the trees and creeks in the mountains. Should this option be chosen, you can be assured that your pet is receiving a dignified farewell.

Paw Print Information

Paw prints, much like hand prints, are one of a kind, and the clay impression reveals the unique markings and lines of your pet’s paw. It can be very comforting to have these items to turn to during your grieving process and even long after.

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