In Lancaster, CA, quality veterinary services are just a phone call away when contacting our team at AV Veterinary Center. With a veterinarian near you to count on for quality care and services, our team can help your pet enjoy his home and family in good health.


Our Services

We offer a range of services to help ensure your pet's internal and external health. Some of our services include:

●          Dental Services.

●          End-of-Life Care.

●          Grooming.

●          Parasite Prevention (fleas, ticks, heartworms).

●          Surgery

●          Vaccines

●          Wellness Care/Checkups

Dental Services

Pets are prone to dental disease, which can adversely affect their health. With regular checkups and dental cleanings, we can help keep your pet's oral hygiene in good condition.

End-of-Life Care

This is a difficult time, and our team will be with you at all times to help make your pet's final moments gentle and free of stress, fear, and discomfort.


We help keep your pet looking his or her best, we offer an extensive menu of grooming services.

Parasite Prevention

Our vet will check your pet for parasites and suggest a treatment plan. We can also recommend different flea, tick, and heartworm prevention products so that your pet stays protected.


We offer several surgical procedures. These include spaying and neutering, tumor removal, and more.


If this is your pet's first visit, we will do an exam and recommend the appropriate vaccinations for his breed, age, and health status.

Wellness Care/Checkups

Keeping your pet current with an annual wellness check ensures our vet can check for any changes or diagnose potential problems before they can get worse.

Get Veterinary Services from a Veterinarian Near You

We welcome new clients and appreciate and welcome our existing clients who continue to allow us to care for their beloved pets at AV Veterinary Center. Become part of our Lancaster, CA, family or continue your pet's health journey with us by scheduling an appointment for a first-time or annual wellness check. Call us at (661) 729-1500 for veterinary services from a veterinarian near you.

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